Software Modernization

Software revisions are driven by changing security concerns and new demands of user interfaces. Keeping old systems running can be more expensive than replacing them when your IT resources are being wasted on the support and maintenance of their outdated legacy applications.

And what happens when your legacy system eventually fails and you don’t have anyone who understands its code and architecture well enough to fix the problem?


  • Means of solving problems or dealing with difficult situations.
  • Answers suggested or implemented to try and solve a question or problem.

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The Software Renovators


By modernizing your software, we will enable you to

  • Reduce the complexities of your business and enterprise software
  • Reduce system failure rates, maintenance and support costs
  • Improve the user experience that your existing business and enterprise software provides
  • Tweak the synergies between your applications
  • Boost your business performance by making application integration easier
  • Improve the agility and delivery times of your business and enterprise software
  • Enhance the security and speed of your software

The development of new systems and applications will help you with

  • Expanding the capabilities of your IT landscape
  • Properly integrating existing systems using new middleware
  • Dealing with changes in platforms and key technologies
  • Bridging large technology gaps between key systems
  • Significantly increasing the values which your IT generates

Case Studies


Multichannel – SAP Replacement Project

Transgourmet is Switzerland’s leading wholesale foods company. Simon Martinelli was responsible for the software and systems architecture of their fully-integrated order entry and online store applications.

Download the case study


POS Redevelopment

The checkout and POS (Point of Sale) applications of Transgourmet, the leading Swiss wholesale company, required modernization. Simon Martinelli was fully responsible for their re-architecting and redevelopment.

Download the case study