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Java Web Development Training

The IT world does not stand still: Even with a degree or an apprenticeship in your pocket, your own knowledge always needs a boost! Existing technologies (especially Java) are evolving and groundbreaking innovations want to be discovered. We’ll help you understand them!


  • The action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior.
  • The process of learning the skills that you need for a particular job or activity.

What is the content of our courses?

We can tailor the content of any of our courses to suit your needs. Here is a selection from our course catalog:

  • Architecture and Design of Microservices Applications
  • Java Microservices Development with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Architecture and Design of Microservices Applications
  • Enterprise Integration with Apache Camel
  • E-Commerce Search with Apache Solr

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How can our Java courses help you?

Our courses help you and your developers to develop modern, user-friendly and above all effective web applications quickly and efficiently. And not just at the code level, but when it comes to the architecture and design of the applications.

We are flexible: Our courses can be completely adapted to the needs of your teams and their developers, both in terms of the procedure and the number of participants as well as the content. For the best course experience, we recommend a number of participants between five and fifteen people. Online courses are also possible.

What is the goal of our web development courses?

With our courses, we give you, as a web developer, the necessary knowledge to create attractive enterprise web applications for every purpose with the right tools.

We explain the principles of the respective architectures and we familiarize you with the necessary tools and frameworks. Along the way you will get our tips, tricks and best practices, which are based on our many years of experience.

Who do our web development courses appeal to?

Our courses are suitable for all web developers whose goal is to develop attractive and effective web applications for their users and customers using the Java programming language.

How can you benefit from our courses?

Our courses teach you and your developers to create better and more effective web applications more efficiently. This ensures:

  • Less development effort: Shorter development times with less effort in troubleshooting.
  • Happier users: An improved user experience which will be reflected in a high level of acceptance.
  • Efficient work: Your users will be able to achieve their goals faster
  • Less maintenance: A good architecture also simplifies the work of your IT department in the productive phase.


How long are our Java training courses?

Depending on the scope of the desired content, our courses can last between 1 and 5 days.

What is required for successful participation?

Good knowledge of Java is sufficient for most courses.

How can I register for your course?

Please contact us here !

Who conducts the training courses?

Simon Martinelli teaches architecture and design of distributed systems, microservices, Spring Framework and Spring Boot, object-relational mapping with Hibernate, DevOps and persistence technologies in Bachelor of Science and continuing education courses at Bern University of Applied Sciences

As a Vaadin Community Award winner, he is an expert in modern web applications. He can pass on his extensive knowledge to your own software development team so that they can successfully master new challenges.