We speak Vaadin!

As experts in developing with the Vaadin Framework we are capable of creating attractive, secure, robust, and easy to use web applications for our clients. We are also able to competently assist you with the migration of your legacy systems, such as from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin Flow.

Our founder, Programming Architect Simon Martinelli, is an experienced Expert for the design and implementation of modern web applications and is also the winner of the
Vaadin Community Award.

We are also able to train your own developers in effectively using the Vaadin Framework!


  • A basic structure, plan, or system, as of concepts, values, customs, or rules.
  • A skeletal structure designed to support or enclose something.

Vaadin Training

Learn in our Vaadin trainings not only how to use Vaadin, the revolutionary Java Web Application Framework, but also how to create really good web applications with Vaadin.

What is Vaadin?

The Vaadin framework allows your developers to create professional web applications completely in Java. And this with modern UI elements and first class business logic. Also very nice: Vaadin is open source and therefore transparent for all who value security.

Vaadin Basics Course


  • Learn how you can use the Vaadin Framework to design and develop effective and attractive full-stack Java applications.
  • Become familiar with the functionality and structure of a Vaadin application.


  • Learn what defines a Vaadin application by learning what components its architecture consists of and how they interact with each other.
  • Learn how a ready-made Vaadin application can be provided within your IT landscape.
  • Create attractive and functional user interfaces by learning to master the art of layout and structuring with Vaadin.
  • Learn how Vaadin’s data model works and how you can create CRUD views of various levels of complexity by binding the data to suitable Vaadin components. Learn how to create well-structured forms.
  • Learn to use the DataProvider API to effectively display data in various formats.
  • Get to know the Router API, with which you can create robust modular Vaadin applications.
  • Use the template engine to make your user interfaces support JavaScript DOM events and data binding with Polymer HTML templates.
  • Design your Vaadin application with themes, Lumo and Shadow DOM.

Target Audience

  • This course is suitable for all full-stack Java developers.


  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language and experience in web development with HTML and CSS.

Vaadin Advanced Course


  • Enhance your Vaadin development skills and learn how to create, test and maintain Vaadin applications more effectively.
  • Master the best practices that are important for the work of Vaadin and his toolset.


  • Learn Vaadin best practices for using Spring to bind data, implement security functions, create regression tests in Vaadin TestBench, and for working with layouts and templates.
  • Learn how Vaadin manages its sessions and performs resource cleanups over the course of the application lifecycle.
  • Support responsive design by learning to create responsive CSS for your application. Also, learn how you can implement drag and drop to enhance and improve the user experience.
  • Implement server-side push in order to be able to keep the data on the client-side up to date at all times.
  • Master the Component and Element APIs as well as the Vaadin Flow Tools to access and edit the DOM on the server-side.
  • Take your Vaadin application to a global stage by learning how to implement multiple languages using localization and translation strings.

Target Audience

  • This course is suitable for all full-stack Java developers who want to deepen their knowledge of Vaadin development.


  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language and experience in web development with HTML and CSS.
  • Participation in our “Vaadin Basics” course is highly recommended.

Who leads our Vaadin trainings?

Simon Martinelli teaches architecture and design of distributed systems, microservices, Spring Framework and Spring Boot, object-relational mapping with Hibernate, DevOps and persistence technologies in Bachelor of Science and continuing education courses.

As a Vaadin Community Award winner, he is an expert in modern web applications. He can share his extensive knowledge with your own software development team to help them successfully meet new challenges.

Our full list of web developer courses

If you want to learn about other technologies besides Vaadin, we offer different web development courses:

  • Web development with Vaadin Flow
  • Java microservices development with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Architecture and design of microservices applications
  • Enterprise Integration mit Apache Camel
  • Ecommerce search with Apache Solr

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