Web Accessibility with Vaadin

When you create a product, you naturally want as many people as possible to use it. However, some people have to be enabled to use it first, namely by making the product accessible and barrier-free.

News from Vaadin!

The good folks at Vaadin are constantly hard at work! The developer of the well-known Java application framework of the

Java 16 Records with JPA and jOOQ

The new Java version 16 includes a new feature: Records Java Records The new Java version 16 includes a new

Use the Power of your Database: XML and JSON

Today databases have a lot of functionality that is often not used by software developers because they simply not know

Adam Bien’s Airhacks.fm Podcast #99 with Simon Martinelli

Adam Bien’s Airhacks.fm episode #99 with Simon Martinelli is online. List on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or as MP3

Vaadin Tip: Lazy Loading and Item Identity

When using grids, trees or any other of multi-valued component with Vaadin you often want to display data from a

Type Safe SQL in Java

No matter if you are using frameworks like JPA, MyBatis or Spring Data JDBC you always end up declaring the

Java Persistence Done Right

When it comes to accessing relational databases with Java, people usually think of two options When it comes to accessing

Introduction to Database Migrations with Spring Boot and Flyway

If you are working with Spring Boot there are several ways to initialize the database. If you are working with

How to JOIN two Entities without Mapped Relationship

Often you don’t want to map all relationships in an entity model Often you don’t want to map all relationships

Inheritance in JPA

Relational databases have tables and columns and object-oriented programming languages have classes and fields but they also provide inheritance. Relational

Should you use Enums with JPA?

With JPA it’s possible to map Java enums to columns in a database table using the Enumerated annotation With JPA