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The good folks at Vaadin are constantly hard at work! The developer of the well-known Java application framework of the


The good folks at Vaadin are constantly hard at work! The developer of the well-known Java application framework of the same name has announced two important changes!

From Vaadin Fusion to Hilla: The development of the Vaadin Framework family has spawned a new branch in its family tree. Introduced with Vaadin 15, Fusion has been going in a different direction than Vaadin Flow, with its own user base and development team, for some time now.

As a result, Vaadin has now renamed the still young Fusion Framework into Hilla and gave it its own web presence. Of course, Flow and Hilla will continue to remain interoperable!

Very healthy: For the curious among you: Hilla is the Finnish word for cloudberry, a tart fruit rich in vitamins C and E and trace elements!

More easily distinguishable: This step ensures that both frameworks are easier to distinguish by name. Making information and documentation available on separate websites also provides more clarity to the developer community. We here at 72 Services can also give you more clarity on this topic!

Clear communication: Separating the communication channels also helps reduce confusion with new releases. And with the topic of releases, we have already arrived at the next innovation!

Simplified release model: Vaadin has always had an open ear for its developers. One point that was often voiced was the fact that the rapidly changing Vaadin version numbers had made it difficult to update the development and production environments. So now a much simpler release model has been introduced for Vaadin, with no separate version strands for the LTS and non-LTS editions.

Concentrating on the essentials: To achieve this, minor updates (minor releases) are released for Vaadin, to introduce new features without removing older features. When a new functionality overlaps with an older one, both the new and old implementation of a function or API is included, giving new users access to the improvements without having to quickly rewrite old code.

From version 23.0 and March 2022 the following will apply: There will be small quarterly version jumps, for example from 23.1 to 23.2. Each of these versions will continue to be maintained for three additional months after the release of the subsequent version.

Apart from critical fixes and browser incompatibilities, regular bug fixes are only implemented for the current version. Fixes that are part of a paid support plan will of course continue to be provided.

Major releases in cases where it might rumble: Major releases cover disruptive changes, such as those that require a version jump in the required Java version. A careful upgrade of various components could become necessary in such a case.

In order to give Vaadin users enough time to upgrade, every last major version series of Vaadin is supported free of charge for 12 full months. Of course, the process does not have to take 12 months for you; we are happy to support you with such a step!

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