Dibito Case Study

We all appreciate the benefits that digital invoices bring. On one hand, processes can be digitized and optimized by the invoice issuers, and on the other hand, invoice recipients benefit from the convenience of approving invoices easily through their online or mobile banking.

Dibito Case Study

Our client, Codeblock GmbH, has created a platform with its Dibito solution that enables convenient digital invoicing and sending via eBill, both through a web interface or API (Application Programming Interface). We had the opportunity to support Codeblock GmbH with our Vaadin expertise in this endeavor!

digitale Rechnungsstellung

Our client wanted to quickly enter the market with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version and involve their customers in the further development of the Dibito solution. This involves designing and implementing new features based on real customer needs. To launch an MVP version without delay, it is crucial to use a framework that allows for rapid and efficient implementation. In this regard, the Vaadin Framework is well-suited!

It is also important to provide a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. In this case, a UI design was created, which could be easily implemented thanks to Vaadin. The implementation of a good User Experience (UX) is facilitated by the use of Vaadin.

In the backend, a REST API (Application Programmer’s Interface) interface was implemented, allowing enterprise customers to integrate their own applications. The API is thoroughly documented and seamlessly covers all use cases, including donation requests.