Keep Up With Training for Your IT and Software Teams

Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Training for Your IT and Software Teams Why It’s Important to Keep Up


Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Training for Your IT and Software Teams

Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Training for Your IT and Software Teams

Ugh…training. I know how everyone feels about training. Managers don’t want to take the time figuring out what kind of ongoing education will be most beneficial, and employees never feel like they have the time to do it (maybe because they weren’t trained correctly on what they are currently doing?). However, it is important for many reasons. If you want your team to evolve and be able to contribute to the success of the company, it is absolutely necessary. There are some trainings that can be done any time, business development, time management, etc. Then there are some trainings that are time and service sensitive. Often, these include operating systems and software or applications. That’s where 72® Services comes in.

When you move to a new software system, whether an upgrade or starting from scratch, it is absolutely imperative that you and your team have adequate training on the system and learn how to troubleshoot problems or you will end up right back where you were before the new investment, which you likely acted as advocate for. A new system means the powers that be expect to see results, whether that means more productivity, better efficiency or higher quality products. You do not want to be the person explaining in 12 months why the needle hasn’t moved.

One of the keys to ensuring you get what you need is to work with a software architect who will not leave you high and dry after programming. If training for your staff is not part of the process, you’re working with the wrong company. At 72® Services, I go a step further and discuss exactly what went wrong with the old systems, making sure that everyone understands how to prevent it from happening again. I also ensure that you and your team understand the protocol and best practices for working in the new system and, more importantly, WHY it’s so necessary for everyone to utilize the software in just this way.

Another reason to ensure the correct training happens along the way, especially with a new system is to help with your onboarding process. If not only management but your employees understand what the process is for the new software or application system you have in place, there is a whole team of people who can pitch in to make sure that your n00b gets it.

You should have the opportunity the leverage your in-house software, hardware, and talent altogether rather than having to outsource pieces here and there. With efficient training to show the best and most effective way to use the new program, you can do this. When 72® Services takes on a job like this our process always includes In-house documentation and our goals are ease of engagement and user-inclusion.

You should be able to prove results from any software upgrade, renovation or replacement that you take on. To ensure that I create an environment in which this is the case, I work to make sure that I help your department and team to reduce software costs and complexity (demystifying operating systems), improve software agility and delivery times, improve your users’ productivity, effectiveness, and the thing that makes all of this possible, satisfaction. Your user experience should be improved and access to applications will be streamlined, and application integration easier. Leverage your IT assets for not only the company’s success but their own success as well.

Because 72® Services understands how important training and staff understanding, as well as productivity, is, I have created courses to help those with some of the most in-demand applications and programs in the current market. Whether it turns out that the person responsible for the software upgrade was less than knowledgeable about the product, was poor trainer or you have realized that though you or someone else was trained on the process, one person does not have time to onboard everyone else and take care of everyday business, 72® Services can help. Check out our 72® Academy Course Catalog or contact us for other questions and training or software and application upgrade needs.