72® Services is a Red Hat Partner, so What Does that Mean?

As partnerships go, Red Hat provides one of the most collaborative and innovative programs there is for software professionals and others in the tech industry


As partnerships go, Red Hat provides one of the most collaborative and innovative programs there is for software professionals and others in the tech industry. Red Hat describes it thusly:

Red Hat’s success is directly tied to our relationships. Our partner program, Red Hat Connect, supports the evolving needs of our partners—so we can share in both collaboration and success.

Attaining this partnership is no small feat and it is a designation of a professional who is not only exceptionally knowledgeable in their field but has greater access to Red Hat’s products and a community of other Red Hat partners with whom to collaborate if and when they need additional assistance outside of their specific area of expertise. In short, when you work with a Red Hat partner, you are gaining the benefit of the worldwide Red Hat network.

Additionally, Red Hat keeps us up-to-date with changes in markets, in software and security constantly. Their own products are always evolving to serve the software engineers and their clients even better. The company is so trusted in this arena that it is able to boast partners such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco, IBM and Intel, along with many others.

Not only is training required to become a Red Hat partner, but it is encouraged and provided on an ongoing basis to existing partners. As new innovations are brought to the forefront, this training access is invaluable to all Red Hat partners, as well as the companies with whom they work.

Red Hat is open source technology because companies need to innovate to move forward. When working with a Red Hat partner, you know you have someone on your team who is working to improve your company’s edge in your market. From modernization to cloud migration, overall management and security, Red Hat is at the forefront of the industry. Along with the specific partnerships mentioned earlier, there are entire industries that rely on Red Hat as well. These industries include those of the airline, telco, and commercial banking designations.

Putting this knowledge and industry-backed success to work, 72® Services has worked directly in the transportation and education industry to create solutions application integration, as well as building a Java EE Platform. These solutions have created a platform that is still the backbone for all their custom development of business-critical applications.

When you are searching for a partner who will innovate for your success, it is vastly important to look for someone with access to a network of trusted partners and connection to technology that focuses on security. A Red Hat Partner will make this a reality for your company. Contact our software architect today to move your company forward and ensure you are staying ahead of your competitors, as well as ensuring the security of your business and your customers. With the data breaches we have seen in recent months, it is not worth the risk to continue using outdated technology to manage data and to keep your systems up and running. The time to modernize is now.