72® Services International Speaking Tour - The Real Value of Microservices

Simon Martinelli is Speaking in Switzerland, Austin, and Montreal


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Simon Martinelli is Speaking in Switzerland, Austin, and Montreal

72® Services knows how important it is to continue shifting with the changing tides of the digital world. Simon Martinelli works diligently to stay at the forefront of emerging technology practices and changes in software programming and services. In this evolution, he has learned a lot and wants to continue to share his expert and practical knowledge with others who are embarking on tackling the same issues. In the past years he has spoken about the importance of agile development and how upgrading legacy systems to integrate with new technologies is a more viable option for many businesses at this point in the game. This year he will be speaking about microservices and why they are the most important architecture concept for software developers looking to grow their knowledge and offerings to their clients.

Join Simon for one of his talks on The Real Value of Microservices at tech conferences across the globe this fall. The subject matter discussed is as follows:

For older software developers, new trends are often nothing but “old wine in new bottles.” That’s exactly what I thought when I heard about microservices for the first time.
Through my work as a software renovator, though, I realized that many aspects of microservice architectures have a huge impact on value retention and can greatly simplify future migrations.

The first part of the talk will explain how microservice architectures are based on some very old principles and will discuss the advantages they bring for the life cycle of an application. In the second part, I will discuss my experience in a recent customer project and how it demonstrates how to move from a monolithic legacy application to a modern, sustainable microservice architecture.

The names, dates, and locations of the conferences where you will find Simon Martinelli of 72® Services in 2018 are below:

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We hope to see you on the road over the next few months. Be sure to say hello if you make it to any of the conferences mentioned here.